Eternal Gratitude

“jag √§lskar alexander”

And I love her. With all my heart and mind. My body and soul. My bones and the very cells that continue to divide inside me. They all embody the love that I extract from her. My seraphim of passion”, she twist my insides with joy and lust. My succubus of love, her magic works directly into my very soul.

I’ll gladly give her the key to my kingdom inside. So that she might release my pandoras box within my mind, over and over..


“He who stands with me shall be my brother.” – Adeptus Astartes

As quoted, all those in favour of my actions and present being – are my brothers and sisters to the end. I would sacrifice the world for them. I don’t always show it nor tell it, but I hope they feel it when we grow into eachother with the hugs of eternal gratitude. Who am I to achieve this lucky charm that grants me these friends in need, this girl of my dreams and this ultimate family of mine?

A toast! For my brother and his everlasting wisdom and patience with his younger counterpart. Without him, I wouldn’t exist. Another toast for my Mother and Father! For their neverending love and being the parents that I, myself, would like to grow up to become. Let’s toast one more time! For all my friends that bare with me and my ideas of space exploration and world domination. A last toast! For me, myselves and I.

We are all, One. What I do for myself, have a direct effect on You. What you do to me and to yourself. Creates everything.


I’m off to strangeland. To desert and snow combined. A land with forgotten treasure and hostile environments. A land with beauty and mystisicm. I will trespass it’s borders once more, for a fraction of a time in space seemingly endlessness. It will feel like forever, i’m sure of it. I will miss everything, and more, of that mentioned above. Tears will fill my insides as I fly away from this northern haven of security. Nevertheless, our journey has just begun – thus our sorrow will be answered with happiness, i’m sure of it. Precognition isn’t our cup of tea. So let us finish this cup with smiles, gratitude and love.

Paradox, Humour and Change. They will always dominate life, as we know it. As You will always dominate my life.

I love you all,

Yours sincerely, Lance Corpral Fresh

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