Feb 23 2012


Meditation is derived from the Latin meditatio, from a verb meditari, meaning "to think, contemplate, devise, ponder, meditate"


[M]editation refers to a family of self-regulation practices that focus on training attention and awareness in order to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control and thereby foster general mental well-being and development and/or specific capacities such as calm, clarity, and concentration

Feb 12 2012

Leave Me

It is getting closer. Closer by every second counting. Can you feel it?

My brain starts sending me visions –  Taking over my optical nerves, memory and our neverending source of thoughts deliver me pictures of how wonderful it will be to embrace her again. How wonderful it will be to actually don’t have to do anything on a particular day. How wonderful it is to just be and become.

Even though it’s a short trip to the heart of the north on the paper, it will be worthwhile and remembered. I set out to make it beautiful and peaceful combined, while I satisfy my desires and continue living life as it should be lived. Still, I have no big expectations. The doors are all open, i’m ready to just pick one and step inside, thus giving my full attention to the room that delves within. Apart from what i’ve already written and not written on this site of confession, this journey has been giving a lot of knowledge to this day, and I expect it will continue to do so as I come back to this land of “terror” and “beauty”. Two books have been consumed over time. One, that satisfied the old Star Wars nerd deep inside of me. Another that handles the story about the great Genghis Khan and his initial rise to power. A truly inspirational human being to say at least.

What have I longed for? Except for the desire to hold my woman once more and express the feelings that come with it.. I’m quite satisfied. I can always lean back to the fact that I most certainly will experience everything else again, one day. As long as I choose to. In any case, the journey isn’t really over yet (it never is?). I can find myself down here in visions of the near future. Clinging back to memories of my distant home and working my way towards new expriences… As always.  Back to the now, let’s relax in the thought that everything will be alright once more.

I’ve had a song in my iPod for as long as I can remember. It really capture the feeling I experience from time to time. I’ve been listening to in by bed before the dreams takes their place in my mind’s control room.  It’s a beautiful short piece from the movie King Arthur. All credits should go to the great composer Hans Zimmer, and for all his previous works. There is also another girl on the tube that should have credits for singing a beautiful cover on the full lenght of this song.

Song of the Exile 

 Land of bear and land of eagle
Land that gave us birth and blessing
Land that called us ever homewards
We will go home across the mountains

Feb 1 2012

There are no ordinary moments..

A Meditation on the Architecture of Entropy


  • Paradox; Life is a mystery. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out.
  • Humour; Keep a sense of humour, especially about yourself. 
  • Change; Know that nothing stays the same.