Emotions: Anger

The feeling is ascending from the depths towards the surface. Scratching on the insides. Sometimes almost like the soaring blaze of a white flame that blinds every other rational thought.. So all that is left is pure rage. Blood lust in it’s pre-mature form.

No, i’m not angry at the moment. But there are times when I do carry explosives inside my jacket, ready to hit the red button and unleash an unknown fury. I reckon we all have it. But like me, we find ways to disarm and hide it. Hide it from others and especially from ourselves. Eventually though, hidden things tend to step forward and unveil their masks of truth.


“I’m gonna break into your house and then I’ll kill your dog and set the house on fire..  Then I’ll dance through your garden naked like some mad, crazed werewolf. I’ll bite and I’ll mangle and I’ll tear the tongue out of everything that’s breathing.
Then I’ll hurl myself into the sky, the ethereal sky, flaming, like God’s darkest angel.. And I’ll explode into a goddamn heavenly fireball. Boom.”

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