Music Has the Right to Children

Music is philosophy.

Music can really turn the tide of your emotional state of mind. If your sad, you can augment that feeling with any song that otherwise really touches your depressed side. The other way around, you may just put on ‘Hakuna Matata’ with Timon and Pumba from the Lion King and everything might feel quite good again. For me; It doesn’t really matter what mood I’m in post-listening. When the music starts and changes… My emotions starts to dance.

• Listening to melancholic music:

I woke up in the middle of the night, wet to the bones. The dream, affected by my body’s hightened temperature, was terrifying into the end. Betrayal, voices whispering, man-made cravings.. Destruction. Like emotional memories, it comes back to me.
I saw this coming. I share your dreams. How is it that we are intertwined but still so far apart from eachother?.. Or is it me? My dellusional selfishness that stands in the way – blocking the path like a proud and vicious lion. He gives promises of new perspectives of life and the glory that comes with it. He never mentioned you.
When he takes control, I can’t do anything but lean back and watch as my life unfolds infront of me in perculure ways.

• Listening to relaxed & meditative music:

In an instant, fear or anger is flushed out as contentment fills the cup of emotions. I no longer dwell in a realm of uncertainties and mixed emotions. I am one and I am in control of every choice I would choose to execute with absolute devotion.
Only one thing remains the same – I am one, but I am alone. Alone to ponder the questions the universe throws at the gates of my kingdom. Alone to fight against the dragons I so much admire and respect. Alone to face my true self. Alone with you.

• Listening to cosy & loving music:

One second passes and my mind gets filled with memories, feelings and smiles. An familiar warmth sneaks into my chest as I recall endless breakfast feasts and playful hide n´seek between sheets. I no longer linger in limbo. Feelings cloud my judgement but I don’t really care anymore. The only thing that I need is your loving smile, a confirmation that everything is as good as it can be. This is our world. Our time.
I picture myself as one of the most beautiful things – A loving father. Beside You. Nothing else matters. I put you and your needs before myself and nothing can hurt me. Because I love you, unconditionally, now and forever.


The might and power of feelings combined with music. A tool that people’s been using for ages in motivation for training, ceremonies, rituals and just for the fun of it. I can start my adrenaline with it, tears can be aquired and every sort of music is in the end, really f***** good. It’s quite magical if you give it a second thought. It also tells us how voulnerable we are to outer forces. How easy our minds and emotions are twisted and turned.

Dangerously lovely. A toast to music!

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