Alea Iacta Est

Fortune favours the brave, they say.
Am I brave enough to meet my own requirements and ideologies?

In that case I must take action.

And there we have it again – I’m having a lot of “wants” and telling myself to do something about my pity life. Change is a must and The goal must be accomplished in a certain amount of time..
And I’m not the only one. I allow myself to speak for a majority of the human race on this planet. Lazyness is within us all. It controls our lives now more than ever. Lazyness combined with old habits and the everlasting search for comfort, together they are the ingredients to 90% of our creations. Not to mention the reason why we continue to push our planet to it’s limits. We are our own worst enemy against ourselves.

It sickens me, really.
I cannot find peace in this. Peace can only be aquired from within. And my insides are burning. A raging white flame that’ll burn as long as I continue being a slave to myself. So… Why don’t I just break free?

“Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strenght,
through strength, I gain power,
through power, I gain victory,
through victory, my chains are broken.”

Because it’s still my choice, being here. My choices, subconscious or not, sums up to a whole bunch of matter that eventually looks like me. I watch myself in the mirror, give myself the grin of a homocidal maniac, whereafter I go out and stab someone in the heart and… Then I open up my eyes.

This is how it’s supposed to be. Life is pain and suffering. The Buddha made no other assumption. We are given a choice of how to cope with that suffering. Complains and self-pity may further infuse the thoughts of change, but will only do so for a certain amount. Discipline and willpower must be present with a touch of love.  Find the love.

Hello world.

I’m here and i’m ready when you are.

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