Last October

Time runs past us. Seven days ago, I sat in my town of birth, writing something abstract about love and it’s complications.

Now, I sit in my other town of birth. The place where I fell and was utterly destroyed. The place where I was carried ever onwards by brothers next to me and built up again.

Haha. It’s kind of funny how life becomes. In a moments notice, the world can turn around. What can feel like a second away, can be hours or maybe even weeks away and vice versa. I accept.

I’m on a dried up river
Beside a broke down levee
I’ve got nothing to give you
But a lonesome song

Just a little bit worn out
Just a little bit bitter
I gotta let my guard down
I gotta loosen my grip

And the ground is frozen
And the air is colder
But my heart is open
Beating out of time

Come and play in my sheets tonight?

I couldn’t care less cause i’m transfixed in this absolute bliss.


You wonder if i’m happy or not. Well. Look in the mirror.


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