Dec 29 2012

The Visuals Tells The Story

Awake In a Silver Land

Awake In a Silver Land

Between The Teardrops by parablev

Between The Teardrops

Discovery so clear

Discovery So Clear

Cage by parablev


Just One Wish Away

Just One Wish Away

The neverending dreamer

The Neverending Dreamer

Dec 26 2012

The sky is the sky everywhere you go

“The sky is the same color wherever you go”

This is a Persian/Iranian proverb, meaning this is your destiny, or changing the location does not necessarily change the situation.
The Persian one is Be har koja ke ravi aseman hamin rang ast


I believe it’s true what they once said,  those old dead men from the Kingdom of Persia.
I want to believe it. Therefore it becomes my very reality. A reality that fills my everyday activities and even affect my choices. Like many other things we tend to acknowledge as “wisdom”, “clarity” or even “lifestyles”.

Celebration has just been and is approaching even more as our modern “new year” is getting closer..Christmas eve is now celebrated by more people than ever before on the planet. But instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, 2012 years ago, we celebrate consumerism and it’s sub-cultures.
Not that I feel offended by it (Jesus should?), but I just get the nagging sentence in the back of my head – “But why?”…

Hours away from “home”, i’m now experiencing a different sort of heat around me. Animals scream and make noises at both day and night time, in the jungle around me. The night is filled with stars that can be gazed at without a nagging feeling of freezing. Life is abundant, and can be found in the water, in the greens and the sky or almost everywhere around you. It’s a constant “paradise” in western eyes. The land of the thai, never fails to impress as of yet.In some ways, it’s not that different from the war-torned country I left not so long ago. Although, this country has the privilage to have a fasad. A smoke screen that doesn’t let the viewers see what’s really going on. If you want to know, you have to become a smoke diver, get a hold of your fears and expectations, and just dive into the truth.

The truth.
The mystified word. A word of both good and bad intent. The truth is often depicted as the untold and horrifying essence in bad things, when the absence of hope is imminent. It is also the subject of the deepest of tranquilities, in good things.

Good or Bad things.
I find peace in knowing that we suffer because we let ourselves suffer. That it’s a mental thing, “easy” to overcome.
But not everyone on the planet shares this viewpoint of mine. Even if a lot of humans do, a majority doesn’t. Who’s to say who is right or wrong?

Right or wrong.
Now. Here we are. Expecting to get answers by reading headlines with roots in philosophy. A thirst for ever more wisdom with a goal that; one day, we might experience the fullness and perfection of life. Or am I wrong?
We are creatures that live and thrives in packs. Through packs comes organized groups (families?). Through groups comes culture. Through culture comes civilization. Through civilization comes philosophy, knowledge and… Human potential. Through all that, also comes prejudism, egoism, ownership and belongings. And that is worth “protecting”. Protecting from anything else, weither it be good or bad – right or wrong.

I like to think that I don’t belong anywhere. That I am open to the world as it is closed to me.
IN any case. I won’t be the one to give these answers to anyone. As many masters has already told – Those answers lies within us all. And I believe that to the fullest extent.

You are the master of your own. Make this life count.