1. The action of being rescued or set free: “prayers for deliverance”.
  2. A formal or authoritative utterance.
release – rescue – liberation – riddance – relief


Discipline through structure. Chinese body art, literally. My days are dominated by it.
Endless possibilities within my grasp. An oasis extracted from our dreams in the palm of my hand.

Yet, I do not take it. I cannot grasp it.The abstract essence of life never takes it’s eyes of me. There is no wonder I can not concentrate.

I just… lose it.

Shall I simply accept it?

Acceptance of what exactly? Acceptance of my own illusionary idea of self-reliance? Acceptance of my misjudged way of life? Acceptance that we are all one and there’s no such thing as death? I could laugh myself to death.

A lunatic’s laugh. Deliverance through madness. Insanity incarnate.
In the wake of an anger that I cannot control.
Oh, God, is this thine path?

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