I’ve come to invest.

Invest is time. In money. In my life.

I do that inevitably and often; without manners, concentration or actual afterthought. It may hurt my body, but essentially rips apart my mind. The only real medication that can be done is to be there.


To be in that moment, one the ‘investment’ is about to take place. And what do I invest my time in? In a frickin’ video game? Or is it another virtual reality just as valid as this one?

What to I want to invest my time in? In my coming about family? In my work or studies? In my body? In my ideas and ideologic hopes? In a consumer product? In a new car or even a new house to “build something” upon.


Nevertheless, I put on my glasses, listens to BoC, and invest time to write this shit.

But then again, why not invest in everything at once? I guess the outcome of it helps us define ourselves in the abstract world that exists today – I ‘helps’ us. In the end, we can say either; “I’m a carpenter”, “I run a consumer company”, “I’m a musician”, “I just sit around meditating all day” or “I’m the super-volatile dangerous guild warleader of a W0W epic-nerd guild of doom”… So..

It’s all about the investments, right? Become invested. Be the investation. Make investments.

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