Sep 30 2013

Her Rite of Passage

“A rite of passage is a ritual event that marks a person’s transition from one status to another.” – wikipedia

The date resembles the anniversary of her birth. The idea of an anniversary is celebration. Celebration, in terms of celebrating the achievement of reaching a certain age? Or is just the comfort of tradition in celebrating the abstract phenomena to pass through time and mark them at certain points?

Either case, I abide and follow. Because for this writing human being; she is important.
You follow me in and after the twilight that comes with the darkness. You halter and open my eyes when I comply to the sufferings of life. You remain seated as the supreme ruler of my trancendent emotional realm; a Goddess to make love to, a Woman to scream at, a Girl to laugh and play with and a Mother to find protection within.
My own personal emotional rollercoaster, that I would want to ride each day of my life, with all my heart.


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAD SAMA by HamletMachine on dA

I will take you…











… and make you scream.

 Happy Birthdayby `alexiuss on dA

Happy Birthday my Love

Sep 28 2013

stone in focus

I find myself… Have I found myself? Quite a peculiar way of putting it, if you ask me.

Anyway, I find myself in a position of vulnerability. A feeling of low self-esteem hits me as a stone in the face. A stone in focus.
Why, you ask. Because I do not believe in myself?
Why, I ask. Because I do think I believe in myself. At least an illusion of a self that I try to inhabit and portray.

Moment of now, I find myself surrounded by men in transparent uniforms. Uniforms which themselves silently speaks with an unclaimed authority and a household of knowledge and history. A history that I do not hesitate to admire to the very core of my being. History that I imagine I can never be a part of.And maybe that’s the thing about everything. When you can’t have it, you may want it even more.

So where is my contentment?
I can feel it as it ripples inside me, calling for my outmost attention. I can, and I will now feel content where I am and ultimately who or what I am. I’ve come this far. Walking beside the titans of my age and culture.

I came here, through You, my eternal curse of love. Through myself and through the ever on-going cosmos.

Let’s jump through the rabbit hole. Once more.

Sep 5 2013



adj. chast·er, chast·est

2. Morally pure in thought or conduct; decent and modest.
3. Pure or simple in design or style; austere.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin castus; see kes- in Indo-European roots.]

chaste’ly adv.
chaste’ness n.

The only thing you need to do is be here and now.

With that said, nothing can go wrong. Still, I feel no physical change. History has and is still being written continually.I often wonder why. Why, why and why…

So stop wondering, I say.
Stop being not here and now.
Start realizing.
And start breathing again.

It really is just that simple.

But remember,
Looks can be decieving.