Her Rite of Passage

“A rite of passage is a ritual event that marks a person’s transition from one status to another.” – wikipedia

The date resembles the anniversary of her birth. The idea of an anniversary is celebration. Celebration, in terms of celebrating the achievement of reaching a certain age? Or is just the comfort of tradition in celebrating the abstract phenomena to pass through time and mark them at certain points?

Either case, I abide and follow. Because for this writing human being; she is important.
You follow me in and after the twilight that comes with the darkness. You halter and open my eyes when I comply to the sufferings of life. You remain seated as the supreme ruler of my trancendent emotional realm; a Goddess to make love to, a Woman to scream at, a Girl to laugh and play with and a Mother to find protection within.
My own personal emotional rollercoaster, that I would want to ride each day of my life, with all my heart.


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAD SAMA by HamletMachine on dA

I will take you…











… and make you scream.

 Happy Birthdayby `alexiuss on dA

Happy Birthday my Love

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