I love you, you know..

So it is time again, I tell myself. Time to head towards the unknown, but still known, and venture to a place I often look away from.

You asked me if I’m ready.
I am scared, to be honest. In a good way.

I am ready to dive into my own mind. Find it. Examine it. Observe it… And dwell there for a bit.
And yes, my love!
I am ready to set this all aside, and lean my head onto your beautiful bottom, kiss it, pillow it and fall asleep – and travel to the world of dreams, where we instantly create our everlasting, lost, vicious castles in our paradise together. I will see you there.

Our illusion of a new year is coming. It’s inbound. People will celebrate it. You, however, will only keep loving.  The love without boundries.
No words can describe how much I look forward in seeing you next year. When all our illusions are broken once more.


 “With me, illusions are bound to be shattered. I am here to shatter all illusions. Yes, it will irritate you, it will annoy you – that’s my way of functioning and working. I will sabotage you from your very roots! Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you.”

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