Remaining equanimous



equanimous (comparative more equanimoussuperlative most equanimous)

– Of an even, composed frame of mind; of a steady temper;
not easily elated or depressed

  I am back.

Back at square one. But this is not the same square. It never is.
Everything is constantly changing. Arising, passing… Arising and then passing again. Rapidly. Very rapidly.

Sometimes, not so rapidly, but still the same fact – Arising, and then passing away after some time.

Why? Because that is the law of nature.
This is the Force.
This is Reality.
The only way to perceive this truth is to train our minds in equanimity. Remaining equanimous to everything.
Reaction is the disease. Observing is the cure. Action is the only way.

Where are you?
What time is it?
What are you?
Right this moment.

2 Responses to “Remaining equanimous”

  • Hosting Says:

    The first is virtue or integrity. When we live and act with integrity, we feel confident about our actions and words, which results in the equanimity of blamelessness. The ancient Buddhist texts speak of being able to go into any assembly of people and feel blameless.

    • Viginti Tres Says:

      Yet I feel I have a hard time acquiring this virtue, or integrity, which razes the feeling of blamelessness.
      Even if I do acquire it, it lasts only so long. At least, that is how I feel a lot of times. Is constant meditation the only answer to strengthen this integrity?

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